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SDCHA General Annual Membership Meeting

Kjerstad Event Center, Rapid City, SD

October 30, 2021

President Jason Reed called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Roll Call was called with 28 members in good standing present. Copies of the minutes of 2020 were distributed and with no discussion or questions Motion to approve was called for. Luke Barnhart moved to accept the minutes as read, Jack Barnhart seconded.  Treasurer’s report is that we are up $3,000 as of the beginning of this show with a practice flag purchased.

Kathy Strain Handed out the Limited aged events awards.

Reports from the officers: Presidents Report was given by Jason Reed. He reported that our membership us up 100% and show attendance is up 25% from the previous year. We sent youth to National Finals and one member, Jocelynne Wolter got reserve champion at the Super Stakes.  The show committee report was given by Janna Henrichs. We put on 14 shows and co-sponsored 7 shows for a total of 21 shows produced this year. Shows for next year will be BHSS in January, Spring Fling in May, and our Spooktacular in October. The club may put on some other smaller shows also. Awards committee was given by Kathy Strain with the amateur awards given out.

President Jason Reed asked for any unfinished business. Being there was none, Jason asked for Jeff Schut to do his committee report on nominations. Jeff nominated Matt Lopez for President, nominations from the floor was opened.  Hearing none, Jeff asked for a motion for nominations to cease and unanimous ballot cast for Matt Lopez. Kathy Strain moved and Janna Henrich seconded the motion. Motion carried. Jeff nominated Jason Reed for Vice President, nominations from the floor was opened. Hearing none, Jeff asked for a motion for nominations to cease and unanimous ballot cast for Jason Reed. Gordy Bray moved and Kirk Hall seconded the motion.  Motion carried. Jeff nominated Mary London and Jeff Schut for directors, nominations from the floor opened, Gordy Bray nominated Jocelynne Wolter. With three nominations, paper ballots were passed out and the nominations went to Jocelynne Wolter and Jeff Schut.

Kathy Strain handed out the final weekend novice horse awards.

New business was the NCHA National Director slots open this next year. We are allowed two with North Dakota. Applications are due by January 15.

Jason Reed then passed the presidency on to Matt Lopez.

Matt Lopez gave a brief speech to the club and then asked for motion to adjourn. John Wade Murdock moved ad Jeff Schut seconded. Motion carried. Meeting Adjourned.